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Have a Pioneer DTV Subscription? Take advantage of WatchTVEverywhere Services.

Online streaming serWatchTVEverywhere Home Screenvices are usually considered an alternative to pricey cable subscriptions for cord cutters. But TV networks have been trying to change that for years, and they’ve released services that give you free access to on-demand video if you have a cable subscription. If you have a Pioneer DTV subscription, then you have access to one such service with WatchTVEverywhere. But most people aren’t aware of it and don’t use it. So, what exactly is the WatchTVEverywhere service, and how do you use it you may wonder?


WatchTVEverywhere 101

TV networks noticed more people want to watch content on-demand and on a variety of devices, from computers to tablets and smartphones to Roku-like streaming boxes. To compete with services like Netflix and Hulu, they began rolling out on-demand streaming services, such as WatchTVEverywhere, that were “authenticated” with a cable TV subscription. If a customer is paying for the channel in their cable TV package, they could get access to the channels on-demand service. This may be known as “authenticated streaming,” as they’re services that allow you to stream after authenticating with a TV subscription and proving you’re already paying for the channel in question.


What can I do with WatchTVEverywhere Subscription?

WatchTVEverywhere lets a customer watch some of their favorite programs, anywhere and anytime from your computer, tablet, or smartphone by using a current paid Pioneer DTV subscription. Watch live programs from TNT, TBS, and Fox News and live sports from WatchESPN, The SEC Network, Golf and more. WatchTVEverywhere works anywhere an Internet signal is received: at home, at the office, hotel, airport, etc. (Keep in mind that using this service through a mobile device, if not connected to a WiFi network, will use data and could incur overage charges from your cellular carrier if the cellular data plan limit is exceeded.)


How do I register for WatchTVEverywhere?

Before getting started, you’ll need a Pioneer DTV Account Connection Number, located on the monthly statement in the Internet/DTV billing section, and the DTV Account Name.  It’s best to have a copy of your latest bill.  Visit and select Pioneer DTV from the drop down list. Click register and enter the account name / account number. Fill in the rest of the information.  When you hit register an email will be sent with a link to complete registration. Once registration has been completed, login at to start viewing online content.  Click on the logos to watch content from those channels on line.  Some content may be live streams of what’s on TV right now or recently broadcast episodes.

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