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We are.

Bold. Confident. Brave. Strong. Hard to keep down. Not all can relate to this, but if you live in Oklahoma you can. We live and breathe these traits and are filled with the Pioneer spirit.

In today’s busy world, it is easy to take where we live and who we are for granted. But, we should take the time to share the stories of how the Pioneer spirit is alive every day. Real people live here and have been taking our state forward since 1907 when we became the 47th state in the US. From ranchers, business people, and farmers we have some of the hardest working people around. We may call ourselves “Okies” “Sooners” “Bulldogs” or “Cowboys”, but at the end of the day regardless of who we are and where we come from, we are Oklahomans and are proud of it.

We Are Oklahoma

Oklahoma is not just a place to live—it’s our heart. Along the river bed of the Cimarron, the southwest Quartz Mountains, and the Black Kettle grasslands, you can feel the Pioneer spirit. Everywhere, from Frederick to Buffalo, the people you meet are genuine. We are the people who rise, again and again. It’s the cattle rancher delivering a newborn calf. It's the wheat farmer tending the fields. It’s the high school football team winning on a Friday night. It’s the church choir singing Sunday morning. It’s giving your neighbor that subtle nod to let them know it is going to be okay. It’s the kind words of encouragement to strangers. It’s rallying together after a storm, to build back up. At the end of the day we are family—we are in this together.

This pride, this feeling runs deep through all of us. It is time to celebrate. Celebrate being an Oklahoman. Celebrate our history. Celebrate our children. Celebrate our schools. Celebrate our prosperous land. Let’s show our pride and let’s share the stories of what being an Oklahoman truly means.

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