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How does wireless phone service work?

When you make a call on your wireless phone, your phone generates a radio signal. This signal is picked up by an antenna on the nearby cell site tower. This antenna is tuned to a specific frequency so it can tell the difference in a cellular phone, radio station, television station, etc. The cellular tower…

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How do I make emergency calls?

Emergency calls to 911 and *55 (Oklahoma Highway Patrol) are free and available in areas that there is a usable signal from the cellular tower. Simply power on the phone, dial 911 or *55 and press SEND. Your call will be routed to the proper authorities. Be prepared to give your exact location and details…

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What is the benefit of using Wi-Fi for my wireless phone?

Wi-Fi allows cellular phones and other types of devices to connect to the Internet wirelessly using another Internet source rather than using the cellular data network that is available on the cell phone itself. Wi-Fi service can be provided by a home-based internet service such as DSL and is also provided in many public locations…

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How do I connect my mobile phone to Wi-Fi?

Connecting your mobile phone to Wi-Fi is similar to doing so for a computer, smart TV, wireless printer, and other devices you may have in your house. You need to know two things: your Wi-Fi network name, sometimes referred to as a Service Set Identifier (SSID), and its password. Just like other devices, you need…

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What is tethering/hotspot?

Tethering or hotspot hosting is when a cellular device is allowing another device to connect to its Wi-Fi signal. The host device will be responsible for all data being used and will be deducted from the host device’s data plan.

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