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VoLTE: what is it and how do I turn it on?

VoLTE, or Voice over LTE, is how our phones and carriers transmit our voices during a call, so there's good reason to know how to use it and why you should care. Once you have the right phone, setting VoLTE up on your phone is very easy and well worth it. Let's take a deeper…

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There’s more to iOS 15 than meets the eye.

Whether you’re getting Apple’s new iPhone 13 (available today, Friday, September 24) or holding strong on the 6-year-old iPhone 6S, Apple’s iOS 15 is ready to download. Having trouble updating to iOS 15? Click here. At a surface level, iOS 15 looks unimpressive considering the massive switch-up we saw with iOS 14, but there are many cool, subtle changes that you might not notice. Here are the top three features…

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Having trouble getting iOS 15?

You’re not alone.  I’m a Machead, which means the moment iOS drops I’m trying to get it onto my phone and hoping that all the Beta users worked out the bugs. For the past few years, it has been a seamless process until, well, September 20 when iOS 15 dropped. Getting it downloaded was easy, but getting it installed?…

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Get it on the big screen!

Screen Mirroring

Learn the ins and out of how to share video, photos, music, and much more from your smart devices to your TV with screen mirroring.

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"Where is it?!" How to find a lost smartphone.

Forgotten smartphone on a wooden handrail

  So, you’ve got a lost smartphone. We’ve all been there. It was just in your pocket a minute ago — and now it’s gone, lost to the phone fairies, forgotten in your other coat, or misplaced somewhere during your busy day.Whatever happened, it’s now gone and your indispensable electronic friend has been replaced by a feeling of…

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