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Ground Breaking Moves

City and state leaders joined Pioneer Broadband Services Friday, March 26 to break ground for the new Pioneer Retail Center in Fairview, Oklahoma. This ceremony marks the beginning of Pioneer Broadband Services’ newest fiber-optic overbuild project. JaNae Barnard, Executive Director of Major County Economic Development Corporation in Fairview is enthusiastic about fiber coming to the…

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Fresh off the Farm

Over the last year, the "steaks" have never been higher on the farm. Find out how happy these two students were to finally show off their prized possessions.

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Information. Who has yours?

Keep personal info personal: Be wary about the personal information you provide on social networking. The more you share, the bigger the risk.

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How to maximize your Wi-Fi signal performance. Few gadgets in your home can make you quite as frustrated as a router with a poor Wi-Fi signal. It is a special feeling of exasperation when your video finally finishes buffering, only to play for four seconds and start buffering again. Sighing out and groaning when a…

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CDMA Network Retirement

On Dec. 31, 2021 cellular customers across the nation on outdated phones will not be able to make a phone call. This will come when Verizon shuts down their Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) networks. CDMA is a part of the second-generation (2G) of cell service that transfers voice data (aka, your calls). In a…

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