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CDMA Network Retirement

On Dec. 31, 2022, cellular customers across the nation on outdated phones will not be able to make a phone call.

This will come when Verizon shuts down its Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) networks.

CDMA is a part of the second-generation (2G) of cell service that transfers voice data (aka, your calls). In a world that operates almost solely on 4G LTE service, companies like Verizon do not see the need to keep two networks up and running. Making this switch will allow service providers to save time and money by managing only one network.

Although Pioneer will still have CDMA networks operational, it will only be in areas with Pioneer towers. With our roaming plans, which access Verizon towers, any Pioneer customer that does not have a VoLTE capable device will not be able to make a voice call when outside of Pioneer territory.

Though service providers will benefit the most from this move to VoLTE, making this switch is good for you, too. There are two large benefits to having access to a VoLTE provider:

VoLTE will allow consumers to experience high-definition voice calls. This means your call will be noticeably clearer than a typical voice call.

Pioneer customers will be able to use data while on a voice call. This means no more " hang on, let me call you back"s when you need to look for that Facebook post or news article.

Although this may be a drastic switch to some (especially if you are holding on to that iPhone 4!), it is best to upgrade now. Most carriers, like Pioneer, will only be selling VoLTE capable devices considering this switch. However, if you are ever unsure, it never hurts to ask your provider if your phone is VoLTE capable. 

For more details, and to view a list of VoLTE capable devices, click here.

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