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Does watching watchTVeverywhere count against my mobile data plan?

It might. Check your data plan before you start watching watchTVeverywhere on a smartphone or wireless network. WatchTVeverywhere programs use a lot of data. That can become expensive if you have a limited or metered data plan. Please know that we have no way of knowing when you have exceeded your data plan. You are…

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Which watchTVeverywhere programs can I watch?

Once you are registered, you can watch any watchTVeverywhere program as long as you are a Pioneer DTV subscriber to that network. For example, you must have A&E in your channel line up with Pioneer DTV in order to have access to A&E's watchTVeverywhere programs.

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How do I access watchTVeverywhere from my smartphone or tablet?

Visit the app store for your device Locate the app for the TV network you want to watch (must be available from Pioneer DTV) Download and install the TV network app Launch the network app Select Pioneer DTV and log in using your watchTVeverywhere username and password Select the program you want to watch.  Remember,…

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How do I use watchTVeverywhere?

It is easy to start using watchTVeverywhere. Click on the watchTVeverywhere link at  Select Pioneer DTV as your Television provider Click “register” to set up your FREE account Enter the DTV Account Name and the Account Connection Number (located on your monthly statement in the Internet/DTV billing section) Complete the form and Click “Register”.…

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