Returns calls to the last number that called you whether you answered the phone or

1. Listen for a dial tone.

2. Press *69

3. You will hear the phone number of your last incoming call. If you want to return
the call, press 1. If not, hang up.

4. If the line is:

-not busy, listen for normal ringing.
-busy, listen for announcement, hang up.

5. The busy line will be dialed for the next 30 minutes.

6. You will receive a special call-back ring when the line is free.

7. Pick up the receiver and the number you are calling will ring.

To Cancel: Press *89, then listen for announcement.

Notes: You will be billed 50 cents per use up to a maximum of $3.50 per month.
• In some areas, after you dial *69, a recorded voice will give you the phone number of
the call you missed and ask if you want to use the Call Return feature. Just follow
the voice instructions.
• Does not work on toll free numbers, 900 numbers, wireless calls, outside your LATA
or lines where Call Forwarding and some other call services have been activated.