If you find that you are able to make local, but no "1+" long distance dialed calls through your designated long distance carrier, consider the following: Check first to ensure that you have not subscribed to one of the call restriction products which allows you to restrict the numbers that can be called from your telephone.

Your long distance calls may be restricted by your designated carrier if your payments are not current. If this is a new installation, did you subscribe to a long distance carrier? If you didn't, you will have to use a dial-around code in order to place a long distance call. You or someone in your house may have placed a "toll blocking" restriction on your telephone line.

There may be a problem with the long distance carrier's switch, and you may want to contact your long distance carrier. To verify your long distance carrier, call our repair service at 611 from your local exchange or 1.888.PTC.COOP (1.888.782.2667) for assistance.