By dialing a code before you place a call, you can prevent your phone number from
appearing on the Caller ID display of the person receiving your call. Per-Call Blocking
is available to the subscriber at no charge.

1. Lift the handset and listen for the dial tone.

2. Press *67 (On a rotary phone, dial 1167.)

3. Dial the number you’re calling as usual.

4. The person you’ve called will not be able to see your number displayed on their
telephone display screen. Instead, a “P” or “Private” will be displayed.


  • You must dial *67 before each call you place. Otherwise, your phone number
    will be released to the person receiving your call.
  • If you have requested Per-Line Blocking from your telephone company, you do
    not need to dial a code to block your number each time. Your number will
    always appear as “Private.” To override Per-Line Blocking (allowing your number
    to be displayed) on an individual call, dial *82 before placing the call.