No dial tone? Going through this step-by-step troubleshooting guide might help.
Ask yourself the following questions:
Are all the telephone's completely plugged in at the jack and/or the base of the phone?
Are all phones, fax machines and other home office equipment properly hung up?
Are there any cuts or frays in the cords? If so, try replacing the cord. You can purchase one at your local Pioneer Business office for under $2.00 for a 25-foot cord.
Are the batteries good on your cordless phones?
Unplug the phones and office equipment - then plug them back in - see if that helps.
Still no dial tone? If you have Tele-care, dial 611 from your local exchange or 1.888.PTC.COOP (1.888.782.2667) to reach a Pioneer representative.
If you don't have Tele-care, there may be a charge for a Pioneer repairman to come out and fix your phone line - but there's still more you can check out before calling.
So, you've figured out there isn't any dial tone inside your house; maybe there isn't any dial tone at the NID where Pioneer's network arrives at your home?
Print the instructions below, grab a flat head screwdriver and take a basic telephone outside to the NID. The NID is the Network Interface Device that brings Pioneer's network to you.