Pioneer Cellular offers “local” shortcode voting poles for their customers. These shortcodes are four digits in length, use text messaging and are offered only to Pioneer Cellular subscribers. The Player of the Game voting pole is now available – watch for more to come. Pioneer Cellular’s “local” shortcodes campaigns are available to Pioneer Cellular customers only. You will only use your text messaging plan – no other charges apply to Pioneer’s “local” shortcode campaigns.

There are lots of other “nationwide” voting poles available to Pioneer Cellular subscribers including Deal or No Deal. While all of the voting poles use your text messaging plan, some may also require a subscription and data which will appear on your Pioneer Cellular bill.

Whether you are participating in “local” or “nationwide” voting, you will need to have a text messaging plan (the unlimited family text messaging plan for feature phones is only $19.95 per month).

Follow these tips for successful voting:

  1. Text your vote during the designated time For the Game of the Week, voting can be done during the live game only – others vary in their timeframe available for voting.
  2. Vote via text message. Pioneer Cellular subscribers can send the word ‘VOTE’ to the four (4) digit number that corresponds to the contest or campaign i.e. 1234.
  3. Results The results for “Player of the Game” will be announced during the game replay on Pioneer DTV or You can also view the results on after the game replay. Go to, click on Player of the Game.
  4. Be patient!! Some poles get very congested so if your text vote won’t go through the first time, try again in a few minutes.