In an effort to provide seamless cellular service throughout the United States for all cellular customers, wireless carriers sign “Roamer Agreements” with each other.  These agreements allow our customers to travel in most areas of the United State and use their wireless phone.  Agreements are made for voice, SMS and/or data services.  Not all services will be available with all carriers in all areas.  Settings within the device should be set to automatic and all roaming features such as calling and data must be enabled. Incoming callers will dial your number just as if you were in the home area. Outbound calls placed while roaming will be completed by dialing either 10 or 11 digits. (Area code + number or 1+area code + number.) If you experience trouble while roaming, it’s a good idea to power your device off, then back on again and retest.  In many cases, this will resolve any trouble you might experience.