Visual voicemail is a voicemail service with an added layer of visual interface that allows a subscriber to see details of the message such as the number/contact, date, time and length of the message.  Subscribers have the option to play, call back or delete the message.

Points to remember on Visual Voicemail:

  1. Once a message has been deleted, it can be retrieved by going to the Deleted Messages folder.
  2. Deleted Messages count toward the maximum of 7 messages allowed for basic voicemail and will need to be deleted if no longer needed.  Simply go to the Deleted Messages folder and Clear All Messages.
  3. Android devices will be charged a monthly fee for the service.  Once basic voicemail is set up, subscribers will need to download and configure the Movius Visual Voicemail application from the Play Store.
  4. Apple devices receive the service at no cost.  iPhone visual voicemail setup should launch once the basic voicemail set up is complete.   Subscribers will be prompted to enter a security code and select the greeting preference.