Caller ID is a free feature that allows you to know who is calling when your phone rings and for missed calls.  While this is a tremendous screening tool for selecting who you want to talk to, it is equally effective when you need to personalize your incoming calls.  There are, however, occasions when the calling party’s number will not be displayed.  The following are some exceptions:

1) When the local telephone company where the call is coming from is incapable of passing the calling party’s number on.  In this case the phone may say “NO ID”.

2) When the calling party blocks the presentation of their number, PRIVATE or NO ID may appear on your phone. Dialing *67 + the 10 digit phone number will block Caller ID from displaying for that call only.

3) When the call originates from a payphone or through an operator assisted call.

4) In some roaming environments.

5) When you are not receiving a signal from a cell site that is Caller ID capable.


When you place a call, the account’s billing name and number are displayed for Caller ID on the other party’s end unless they have your number saved as a contact in their phone.

If you do not want Caller ID, simply call 1.800.641.2732 and request that Caller ID be blocked.

**If the call comes into your phone as Unknown your provider will not be able to provide the details of the calling number.