What is SMS?

Short Message Service, also known as text messaging.  This feature allows a subscriber to send and receive messages created with numbers and/or letters up to 160 characters with other cellular phones. Pioneer Cellular customers are not charged for incoming messages and most rate plans include unlimited text messaging at no extra charge.

A few points for sending and receiving SMS:

  1. The sender must always use 10 digits (area code + 7 digit phone number) for the message to be successful.
  2. An SMS message can also be sent to a Pioneer Cellular customer via email by sending to the 10 digit cellular number @zsend.com (405xxxxxxx@zsend.com).  To send an SMS message via email, the sender can use a home computer email program such as Outlook, Outlook Express or Webmail.  Emailed text messages can only be sent with the 10 digit cellular number@zsend.com address to Pioneer Cellular customers.
  3. Visit www.wirelesspioneer.com and click the Send Text MSG button.  Messages can only be sent from this site to Pioneer Cellular customers.
  4. SMS messages that are longer than 160 characters will automatically convert to an MMS message on most devices and require access to the cellular data network.  MMS messages use data, therefore requires both the sender and receiver to have a data package.
  5. SMS messages that are sent to more than one number are called group messages and will automatically convert to MMS messages even if the content of the message is less than 160 characters.  MMS messages require access to the cellular data network and also a data package.