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KINGFISHER, OK-MAY 14, 2019-Pioneer Telephone Cooperative, Inc, has successfully completed the criteria to join MANRS, Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security.  This initiative, supported by the Internet Society, identifies internet providers that successfully demonstrate their commitment to internet routing safety by completing four core steps that aid in securing the world’s internet routing foundation.

Internet routing is designed to be resilient, and not dependent on any one organization.  This presents a few inherent security problems that rely on trust of routing information such as route hijacking, route leaks, IP address spoofing, and other harmful activities.  To combat the bad guys that try to circumvent and break this system, MANRS requires participants to implement actions on filtering, anti-spoofing, coordination, and global validation.

When asked why Pioneer supports the MANRS initiative, Pioneer’s Information Security Officer Chad Kliewer said, “Becoming a member of the MANRS community is a great way to demonstrate Pioneer's commitment to play an active role in maintaining the integrity of the global internet ecosystem.”

Currently, there are only 35 US internet providers and fewer than 500 world-wide that have proven their commitment to making the global routing infrastructure more robust and secure.  Pioneer also becomes a participant of MANRS, helping to maintain and improve the document, for example, by suggesting new actions and maintaining an up-to-date list of references to Best Current Operational Practices (BCOPs) and other documents, with more detailed implementation guidance.

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