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Pioneer Security 2020

KINGFISHER, OK-DECEMBER 16, 2020-Pioneer Security announced today, it will continue operations to all existing customers of monitored alarm systems and med-alert systems.  However, due to the changing market conditions, a difficult decision was made to no longer sell new systems to its customers.  Demand for camera and alarm systems continues to grow and due to the increased availability of products in the market, including both online and big box retailers, Pioneer is no longer able to provide an affordable and competitive price for its customers.  Pioneer’s existing customers, regardless of location, will continue to be offered monthly monitored services, as well as upgrades or repairs to those systems with active monitoring.  As part of this decision to move our Security Operations into Maintenance Mode, no employees will lose their job or have their compensation impacted.  “Change is inevitable, and never easy.  We appreciate our customers cooperation and support, as we begin to transition our operation shortly after the first of the year,” said Richard Ruhl, General Manager.

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