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HENNESSEY, OK-DECEMBER 5, 2019-Pioneer will begin construction of an aggressive fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) build-out in Hennessey, during the last week of December. The more than two-million-dollar project was awarded to MP Nexlevel Construction.

Residents of Hennessey currently have Internet speeds of 50Mb available which is above the national average, but the introduction of Fiber will provide speeds up to 1 Gig (1,000Mb).

Pioneer is future-proofing the needs of our customers by overbuilding the existing copper facilities with high-speed fiber-optics. Fiber will allow customers to have full access to things like: broadband speeds up to 1Gig, multiple iVideo streams, High-Definition, Cloud DVR, Live-Streaming, Security Cameras and Home Automation.

Pioneer offers affordable fiber-optic high-speed Internet to both residential and business customers for the same price and the same speeds, while enhancing the users experience by providing symmetrical download and upload speeds.  With the increase in IoT (Internet of Things) devices, Pioneer realizes upload speeds are just as important as download speeds.

Since 1953, Pioneer has been a reliable provider of products and services in Hennessey. With a local office, experienced local technicians on-site and a trained Call Center, Pioneer understands the importance of providing the best customer experience possible.

Those interested in registering your interest to get fiber, are encouraged to visit Pioneer’s website at Once there, click on “Get Fiber” and find the color-coded interactive map that will display the areas currently available, in construction and pre-construction. This will allow Pioneer to keep you informed when fiber construction is to start in your neighborhood and other important information. 

For more information, stop by your local Pioneer office, visit or call 888.782.2667.

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