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Pioneer Basic Wireless Plan

$30.00per month

Pioneer’s Basic Wireless Plan is meant to provide unlimited voice, unlimited text and minimal data service at an economical monthly price. The Pioneer Basic Wireless Plan is an excellent plan for those desiring a “no frills” mobile phone for use as either a main phone or a backup emergency phone. Additional lines can be added to the plan, and each additional line includes an extra 2Gb of data allowance.

The monthly price shown does not include any applicable local, state and federal taxes or government-mandated fees.

Check your zip code for service avaialibility


Pioneer Basic Wireless Plan Features:

  • Unlimited minutes for talk
  • Unlimited text messages
  • 4G LTE Speeds
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • HotSpot (device tethering) allowed
  • Additional lines can be added to this plan for $30 each (Up to 9).
  • Data usage over 2 GB is slowed to 300 Kbs
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