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Pioneer Cell-U-Care for Android Feature Phones

$5.95per month

Cell-U-Care is a plan available for most phones and provides coverage for lost, stolen, or physically damaged phones. A thirty (30) day vesting period is required. A deductible applies to each loss, with a maximum of two major losses in any twelve (12) month period. Damage claims must be accompanied by damaged merchandise, which becomes the property of Pioneer Cellular.

Cell-U-Care is available only in-store. When purchasing a new Android device, Cell-u-Care can be purchased at time for sale of the new device. Cell-u-Care can be purchased at a later date but device must be brought into a retail office. Must in good working condition, and is subject to inspection prior to enrollment.

Check your zip code for service avaialibility


Cell-U-Care Notices

  • Cell-U-Care is not available for Apple products.
  • Cell-U-Care excludes general wear and tear associated with normal use and/or any intentional damage caused to the device (as solely determined by Pioneer Cellular in its reasonable discretion).
  • The replaced or repaired phone may be used or refurbished.
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