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Pioneer Family Wireless Plan

$40.00per month

With Pioneer Cellular’s new Family Wireless Plan, you’ll save money! Get 3 lines with 20 GB of data to share for just $90/mo, and data is shared across all lines on the account. Even better, Pioneer has the best nationwide coverage and unbeatable coverage here at home to keep you connected wherever you go. It’s time to join the family!

The monthly price shown does not include any applicable local, state and federal taxes or government-mandated fees. (An overage charge applies if the account data limit is exceeded. Tethering counts towards total account data amount.)

Some of the smartphones compatible with this Pioneer plan are shown in the “Related Products” section below.

Check your zip code for service avaialibility


Pioneer Family Wireless Plan Features:

  • Unlimited Talk and Text
  • 4G LTE Speeds
  • Hot spot available.
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • HotSpot (device tethering) allowed
  • Data is shared across all lines on the account
  • Additional lines can be added to this plan. (Up to 9. See Family Wireless Add On Plan for pricing and data amounts)
  • Additional data above your data allowance is available at $5 per gigabyte.
  • Tablets are eligible for the Family Wireless Plan for $40, $35 or $25. (Must be purchased in-store) 

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