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Connections you
can count on

Surf, browse, stream, work,
or game to your hearts
content with Pioneer Internet.
Plus, with our High-Speed
Internet at Pioneer
there are NO data caps.

Enjoy the experience, we'll manage the WiFi

Get over-the-phone support
and management of your in-home
wireless network to optimize
connectivity, performance and
compatibility for the best
customer experience.

Cover your home
with wall-to-wall Wi-Fi

Stream when and
where you want.
Enjoy consistnet Wi-Fi
coverage on all your
devices with our AirTies
Whole-Home Wi-Fi Solution.

Fixed Wireless

Fixed Wireless High-Speed Internet is accessed through a radio frequency as opposed to a fiber or cable connection. This technology is a line-of-site service which requires an external antenna mounted on the outside of the home. This wireless broadband system will deliver bandwidth that meets or exceeds current DSL service levels. Service plans and max speeds not available in all areas.

Wireless Home Networking

You can use a wireless network to share Internet access, files, printers, game consoles, and other devices and computers in your home. After you’ve completed the initial wireless router set-up and added your devices to the network you can use your home network to surf the web to play online games—whether you’re sitting in your living room or relaxing in the backyard.

Home Connections Services

  • Router Setup for Computer - $100/each
  • Computer Setup - $100/each
  • TV Setup - $100/each
  • Computer Network Router Setup - $50/each

In-home Service

Router Set-up for Computer

In-home set-up and configuration of either a ZyXel Wireless Router or ZyXel Wireless USB adapter to one device.

Computer Setup

Includes unpacking and setting up new computer and one additional device, such as a printer. The set up will also include re-establishing an existing Pioneer High-Speed Internet connection.

TV Setup

Includes unpacking one TV, connecting up to two additional devices and programming one remote control. This does not include installing wall-mounted televisions.

Over-the-phone Support

Computer Network Router Set-up  
Includes phone support of set-up and configuration of approved routers, including Linksys, D-Link, Belkin and Netgear brands only. Customers will only be charged if the set-up is successful.

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