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Internet Add Ons

Managed Wifi Support

$3.95 /mo

  • Without Managed Wifi Support - $49.95 per call
  • Pioneer will provide over-the-phone assistance for Internet support and management of Pioneer Internet’s customer premise equipment. Pioneer will also support qualifying devices on an in-home wireless network to optimize connectivity, performance and compatibility standards for the best customer experience. Click here (PDF) for more information and a complete list of WiFi devices supported by Pioneer’s Managed WiFi service.

  • Supported Mobile Devies: Apple iPhone (4 or newer), Apple iPad, Android Smartphones (L or newer),Samsung Galaxy Tablets, Amazon Kindles, Chromebooks
  • Supported Streaming Devices:Smart TVs, Roku, Google Chromecast devices, Apple TV
  • Supported Computers:Desktop computer (Windows 7 or newer, Mac OS X), Laptops (Windows, Mac)
  • Supported Game Consoles:Sony Playstation 3, Sony Playstation 4, Microsoft Xbox 360, Microsoft Xbox One

Total Care

starting at $4.95 /mo

  • Total Care is an optional service covering repairs to cords, jacks and standard wiring at the customer premise. It also covers repairs to eligible Pioneer provided phones, modems, routers, and fixed wireless equipment, as well as eligible DTV equipment including Whole-Home DVR and set-top boxes.
  • For only pennies a day, Total Care from Pioneer offers protection against potentially costly repairs relating to:
    • Pioneer landline voice service
    • Pioneer DTV
    • Pioneer High-Speed Internet
    • Interior Wiring
  • Total Care for Landline - $4.95/mo
  • Total Care for Landline and Internet - $5.95/mo
  • Total Care for Stand Alone Internet - $5.95/mo
  • Total Care for Stand Alone Internet and DTV - $7.95/mo
  • Total Care for Landline, Internet, and DTV - $7.95/mo
  • Total Care for Fixed Wireless Internet - $6.95/mo

Static IP

starting at $30 /mo

  • A Static IP address is a unique identifier for your computer on the Internet. Static IP allows you many options including web hosting your own site, online gaming or remote access to your computer(s) over the Internet. A Static IP Block can be added to any Preferred Plan or faster.
  • 1 Static IP - $30/mo
  • 2 Static IPs - $50/mo
  • 4 Static IPs - $70/mo
  • 8 Static IPs - $100/mo
  • 16 Static IPs - $120/mo
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