Residential Security Alarms

Since 1980 Pioneer Security Alarms has offered a full line of security equipment for residents and businesses in Oklahoma. Pioneer Security will customize a system to meet your specific needs. Systems are monitored "24/7" by U.S. Monitoring, a fully computerized, UL certified central monitoring station. We work in conjunction with local authorities to provide quick, effective response to all alerts.

License #0027

Basic Touch Security System

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*Wireless Security System

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  • $31.95 per month Monitoring
  • Landline NOT required -
    Includes Cellular Backup Equipment
  • System Package includes:
  • LYNX Touch panel
  • 3 door sensors
  • One motion dectector
  • One wireless remote key fob
  • Cellular Communications Card
  • 24 hour battery

*Additional Cellular Backup Equipment

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  • $10.00 per month Monitoring
  • Cellular Backup monitoring is a reliable alternative to landline or a digital voice connection for home security alarm monitoring.
  • Cellular Backup Equipment can be added to an existing security system.
  • Benefits of Cellular Backup:
  • No telephone line required
  • Use as a backup solution to existing monitoring
  • Reliable 24/7 monitoring service
  • Save on home owners insurance

*Requires a 24-month monitoring agreement totaling $31.95 a month, which includes Residential   Alarm Monitoring @ $21.95 per month and Cellular Backup Monitoring @ $10.00 per month.

If additional equipment is added an $85.00 per hour labor charge will apply.

Installation Trip Charges

# of miles from Kingfisher
up to 20 miles             $ 65.00
21 - 50 miles                $ 95.00
51 - 75 miles                $125.00
76 - 125 miles              $150.00
more than 126 miles  $175.00