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Pioneer Cellular Transition Ends September 30th at close of business.

  • You will lose your service

  • You will lose your cellphone number and be forced to get a new number

  • You will lose Exclusive Verizon promotions

  • Payments/Installments will be billed in full

  • Pioneer will no longer be able to provide assistance for cellular issues

Check Your Cell Phone Number's Eligibility for Verizon

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Conversion only available for existing Pioneer Cellular customers*

Transition Locations

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The transition period will be open from July 7th, 2023 to September 30, 2023 for most Pioneer Cellular numbers. Use the following link to determine the port readiness for the lines on your account.
The transition period is defined as the time when Verizon will be available in Pioneer Cellular locations and service territory to address questions and help facilitate successful transfers. The transition period will open July 7th and remain open through the end of September. The Verizon team will join Pioneer Cellular employees in the following locations during the transition period. For additional details about dates and hours, please visit In addition to these locations, we anticipate having mobile pop-up events throughout our service territory. We will have more information on our website for these events as they become available.
The exclusive Verizon offers for Pioneer Cellular customers will include a $50 bill credit and waived activation fee per line ($85 value!) . This exclusive offer is in addition to other great promotions by Verizon.
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Pioneer Cellular will continue to bill active customers until they switch to Verizon or another carrier. At that time, all Pioneer Cellular customers can expect a final bill, giving partial credits for monthly charges paid in advance and billing for any unpaid device installment charges due to Pioneer Cellular unless the balance is transferred to another active service.

We expect most numbers will be able to be transferred to Verizon and potentially other carriers.

The majority of customers should be able to transition their mobile device to Verizon. To check your device eligibility with Verizon, go to

Pioneer Cellular will work tirelessly to ensure that your transition to Verizon will be simple and seamless. However, all customers will be required to select a carrier and initiate the transition of service.

Pioneer Cellular expects to discontinue cellular operations by late summer. To continue uninterrupted service, all customer accounts must be converted to Verizon or another carrier by September 30, 2023. All Pioneer Cellular customers will be required to transfer service before this date.

Effective immediately, customers paying a monthly charge on their mobile device can transfer the device installment balance to another active service, such as telephone or internet for continued monthly payments. If customers do not have another active service with Pioneer, we will allow customers to create a separate monthly billing to pay off the installment balance on your active device over time instead of payment in full.

Pioneer Cellular will waive all early termination fees when customers switch to Verizon or another carrier during the transition period, opening July 7th. Customers choosing to transfer before the opening of the transition period, will be charged applicable early termination fees.

No, you have the option to move to other providers. Verizon will be offering our valued customers exclusive offers during the transition period. It is important to note that early termination fees may apply unless the transition period is open, which is scheduled for July 7.

Please refer to the map located on the website for other Verizon locations available for Pioneer Cellular customers to use to transfer their service.
The hours at all Pioneer Cellular SWAS locations will be extended to accommodate the needs of our customers. Hours will be Monday – Friday 8:30 am to 7:00 pm and Saturday from 9 to 6. Some Sunday hours will be available depending on the store location. Please check our website at for the latest on operating hours.
Yes. Pioneer Cellular is currently working to identify locations for pop-up events throughout the service territory. Check our website at for updates for dates and locations as they become available.
The transition period is expected to open on July 7th, and remain open until September 30. All Pioneer Cellular customers must transfer service during this time. The locations available for transferring service include any Pioneer SWAS location, any Verizon location, or any pop-up event scheduled during the transition period.
The promotional offer referred to in FAQ #3 is for consumer accounts only. For business account plan and device pricing, please visit our SWAS locations or call Verizon at 1-888-483-4194 for more information and to speak to a representative. The Verizon hours of operation are M – F 7 am to 7 pm and Saturday 8 am to 5 pm CST.
While the majority of all Pioneer Cellular numbers will be port ready by the transition open date of July 7, the portability of some numbers will be slightly delayed. Use this link to determine the date that each number is expected to be port ready.