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Pioneer - Unleash Tomorrow's Potential.

Since our inception in 1953, Pioneer Telephone Cooperative has been at the forefront of empowering Western Oklahomans and businesses with cutting-edge communication solutions, fostering vital connections with the people, communities, and technology that define our region.

Every day, we embody our namesake by delving into the latest technological advancements, tirelessly innovating to propel our community toward a brighter future.

As a local entity, Pioneer is deeply ingrained in the fabric of our region, owned and operated by its members. We inhabit the same spaces and rely on our technology services, driving us to deliver excellence in every endeavor. Beyond infrastructure, we invest in people, people drive local progress, actively supporting individuals and organizations dedicated to advancing our communities.

At Pioneer, relationships matter. We are committed to delivering exceptional customer service and fair offerings, ensuring that our friends and neighbors receive the best technology at competitive rates, backed by a devoted, locally-based support team.

Our services of Fiber Optic Internet, iVideo TV Streaming, Home Phones, and Business Solutions—keep individuals connected, entertained, and secure in an increasingly complex digital landscape.

With our expertise in technology, we alleviate the complexities of new innovations. Our friendly team of technology specialists stands ready to assist via phone, email, chat, or at any of our 24 locations spanning Western Oklahoma. We take pride in our Oklahoma-based support teams, ensuring that every question—whether billing, service, or assistance—is addressed locally, reinforcing our commitment to our communities. Let's Unleash Tomorrow's Potential.

Our Mission Statement: Pioneer will enhance the quality of life for our members and subscribers through continual innovation and technology.   

Our Vision Statement: To provide a positive and memorable customer experience  

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