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Mike Brown

April 07, 2023

Pioneer has announced its 4th CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier) community fiber optic overbuild. Pioneer has begun staking, designing, and engineering in Cashion for a new fiber optic internet network, a first for Cashion residents. Pioneer will be the first ISP (Internet service provider) to offer high-speed internet in Cashion. Cashion is growing as more customers look for great schools and short commutes to Guthrie and Oklahoma City. Pioneer and its Board of Trustees approved finances to invest in Cashion and its future like Fairview, Woodward, and Weatherford overbuilds.  

The Cashion overbuild will be multifaceted. Phase 1 will be the town of Cashion and several key neighborhoods north of town that have new home construction or future construction. The initial build will consist of 739 households, and over 28 miles of fiber optic cable installed on the Cimarron Electric network of electric poles. Pioneer will offer speeds up to 5 Gb, the fastest speeds available today. This cooperation by Cimarron Electric to utilize their pole infrastructure will allow Pioneer to install fiber optics, and provide outstanding customer service and high-speed broadband to underserved residents in Cashion.      

The back story is 1936 Cimarron Electric Cooperative was formed under the name Consumer Rural Electric. The electric company began serving underserved customers with electricity in western Oklahoma. In 1937, the first meter was powered and expanded to serve more electric customers. The year 1939 brought big change, Cimarron Electric Cooperative was named and hired its first General Manager, Senator Roy Boecher. In 1953, Cimarron Electric Cooperative Board started, the now 4th largest Telephone Cooperative in the United States and at that time the first Telephone Cooperative in the state of Oklahoma.  

Today, Pioneer and Cimarron are rich in history, local – loyal service, and employ hundreds of families that live and work in our area. Seventy years after Cimarron and Pioneer began the telephone cooperative, now the two proud cooperatives, work together again. Cimarron, like Pioneer, does not cut any corners and invests in the future of our communities, schools, and kids. Together they are proud to call Kingfisher OK its headquarters.   

Fiber will allow customers to have full access to services like broadband speeds up to 5 Gig, multiple iVideo TV streams, High-Definition video, Cloud DVR, Live-Streaming, Security Cameras, and Home Automation. 

Pioneer offers affordable fiber-optic high-speed Internet to both residential and business customers for the same price and the same speeds, while enhancing the user's experience with symmetrical download and upload speeds. With the increase in IoT (Internet of Things) devices, Pioneer realizes upload speeds are just as important as download speeds. 

To find more information on fiber or register your interest in fiber, visit and click Get Fiber or call the Kingfisher office at 405.375.8155. By registering online, Pioneer will provide you with updates on fiber construction progress. Also, follow us on Facebook so you don’t miss any updates.