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The Focus On initiative will highlight one local business or organization in every issue of our GoPioneer Magazine, but we need your help! GoPioneer Magazine is looking to our community to speak up and nominate businesses. Our only requirements are that your nominated business is a Pioneer customer and involved in their local community. Here are some ways they can be involved:

• Contribute to community-oriented projects
• Are members of a local council, board, or club
• Encourage their staff to get involved

Focus On and tell us what makes your local business awesome! Do they have a unique product or service in your community? Have they faced adversity? Are they at every event in town? Fill out the form below and tell us all about it; we're excited to hear about them.

(GoPioneer will be highlighting one business per issue, so nominate as many businesses as you like, but you can't nominate the same business more than once.)

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