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Important Information about Speed Tests:

Generally, a speed test, particularly for higher bandwidth speeds, is dependent on many factors.  Each speed test is testing the individual device capability on which the speed test was run.  A true speed test requires up to 64 simultaneous tests of speed from a single device.  No current web browser is capable of running that many simultaneous connections.  Some web browsers can run more simultaneous connections than others.  We recommend using FireFox for speed tests at this time.  It has the highest capability of measuring the results of a speed test with 32 simultaneous connections, but even this is not enough for a full gig test.  Also impacting the test results could be the wifi network if a speed test is run over wifi.  Even with a wired connection, not all routers can handle 1 Gb speeds.  In some cases, today's devices may not be capable of utilizing a gig of speed.  However, depending on the number of devices used in the home, a gig service can dramatically decrease the number of trouble related issues a customer has when utilizing the Internet service.  A gig service removes all doubt when it comes to the number of devices connected in the home and can improve many uses of the Internet that customers chose when they subscribe to a broadband service.

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