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Young Professional Gamer

Mom, Dad, I want to become a Professional Gamer.

Most kids these days have dreams of becoming the next big professional gamer. Can my kid really make it big as a professional gamer? The ...


In 1953, rural Oklahoma was very different from its urban counterparts. After the drastic decline in population following the Dust Bowl and Great Depression, the ...

Email Spam Management Change

On the morning of Wednesday, December 1st you can look forward to the convenience of managing your spam directly in your email's junk folder. In summary, GreyMail ...

Weatherford wanting to honor Vietnam veterans.

Settled right off Route 66 sits Weatherford’s Heritage Park, a two-year project funded through grants. The park has covered porch swings, vintage tailgate benches, restrooms, ...

VoLTE: what is it and how do I turn it on?

Whether you have Apple or Android, VoLTE is coming to you. VoLTE, or Voice over LTE, is how our phones and carriers transmit our voices ...

There’s more to iOS 15 than meets the eye.

Have you downloaded the newest iOS for your iPhone? Whether you’re getting Apple’s new iPhone 13 (available today, Friday, September 24) or holding strong on the 6-year-old iPhone ...

Having trouble getting iOS 15?

Can't get the new operating system? Let us help. You’re not alone.  I’m a Machead, which means the moment iOS drops I’m trying to get it ...
Screen Mirroring

Get it on the big screen!

How to share video, photos, music, and much more from your smart devices to your TV with screen mirroring. It's easy as 1,2,3 to share ...
Fresh off the Farm

Fresh off the Farm

Aubree Geisler, Case Geisler and Bougee The way the two cousins squint against the sun when they smile at the Kingfisher County Spring Livestock Show ...
Information. Who has yours? Picture

Information. Who has yours?

You may have a case of the TMI's. When I turned 13, my parents gave me ‘The Talk’— about Internet Safety and my information that ...
Wi-Fi-Signal in home

Slow WI-FI signal is worse than no WI-FI signal

How many devices do you have in your home pulling in Wi-Fi signal? How to maximize your Wi-Fi signal performance. Few gadgets in your home ...
Cutting the Cord

Cutting The Cord

It's an ongoing struggle for your dollars between Pay TV and Streaming Services. Consumers are ‘cutting the cord’ on Pay TV and subscribing to Streaming ...

Cybercriminals sweep in to make a profit off Coronavirus

Scams linked to Covid-19 are everywhere. Stay alert. Cybercriminals didn’t take long to catch on to the coronavirus panic. With Americans being encouraged to work ...
Clearing storage space on your device.

Clearing up storage space on your mobile phone

Don’t miss an important photo because you ran out out storage space on your overstuffed device. It's not always easy to stay one step ahead ...
Wireless Network Security

How to secure your Wireless Network

It's time for a Wireless Network tune-up Wireless network, or Wi-Fi networks, have become the new de facto standard, making it easy to use the ...
Do's and Don'ts to keep you home safe

Keep Your Home Safe on Vacation: The Do’s and Don’ts

Take extra precautions to keep you home safe, lock up, then leave your worries behind. Going on vacation soon? Murphy's Law for travelers: If anything ...
Forgotten smartphone on a wooden handrail

"Where is it?!" How to find a lost smartphone.

Losing your smartphone can feel like an epic disaster.   So, you’ve got a lost smartphone. We’ve all been there. It was just in your pocket a ...

Dealing with Wi-Fi's biggest problem: Interference

Keep your Wi-Fi lights green, and your home happy. We have all heard of it by this point, and it is the way of the ...


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