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Mom, Dad, I want to become a Professional Gamer.

Mike Brown

May 24, 2022

Can my kid really make it big as a professional gamer?

The world of being a professional gamer is a hard one, not just because it’s difficult to break into, but because it’s also extremely competitive. The world of eSports looks more and more glamorous each year. With packed arenas, fame, and big jackpots like ‘The International 2021 ’ pool of over 40 million­, many kids dream of becoming an esports athlete or even a streamer, but neither promised glory. Much like traditional sports, gaming relies a lot on your body’s youth.

Research has found that gamers struggle to maintain their dexterous abilities past 30 and many retire before then. If you don’t have a plan or hefty savings, that can lead to major career anxiety and eventually a rapid downfall. Many professional gamers aren’t even guaranteed a paycheck. Most rely on tournament income, which is dependent on how well they perform. While some may have sponsorships or be a part of one of the limited eSports teams that offer a salary, most go through the harsh training regimes and tense competitions and hope they’re the best. If they’re not? Well, they risk it all. Leagues are not required to keep players on after their contract expires, and the same is said for their brand sponsorships.

So, what’s the point? Why play at all if the risk is so high? Great question. Why do artists pursue art? Why do high school athletes aim for the MBA or NHL? Life is full of surprises, and while your kid might not make it big, it wouldn’t be a waste to try, so long as they know the risks. The stress and uncertainty coupled with the constant competition of being a professional gamer isn’t for everyone. If they don’t think the risk is worth it, there are plenty of ways to get involved in the video game industry without throwing yourself into the arena.

Many young video gamers automatically think of becoming professional streamers when eSports is tossed out. Still, this field is just as competitive as eSports, and most of the time, it isn’t possible to make a full living off streaming. Most streamers we see online actually stream when they aren’t working a full-time job, which isn’t easy. However, many full-time occupations deal with video games if you think outside the box a little. Check out the list below for some job ideas that might spark the interest of your possible eSports athlete!

Occupations that Deal with Video Games

-Gaming Podcast or YouTube Host

Most that host a podcast or YouTube channel about gaming started as hobbyists and happened to make it big. Unless you make it on a channel that’s already established in the industry, this one will take work.

-(Gaming) Journalist

The role exists, many game journalists are underpaid. This role is predominately web-based and requires many fledgling journalists to volunteer on hobbyist websites or take on internships to establish relationships to break into the field.

-Game Designer

This is a dream job for gamers. Game designers come up with the concepts that eventually become video games. Competition is stiff, and most must begin by working in other roles on the gaming development teams.


Animators and artists help bring video games to life. Animators create characters, backgrounds, and scenes for games using computer software. They also design the game packaging that makes games stand out on shelves.

-Audio Engineers

Audio engineers are responsible for everything you hear when playing a game. They give the voices to characters, create sound effects, and even record background music.

Mike Brown

May 19, 2021


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